3 Ways the Freezer Can Revolutionize Your Meal Prep

3 Ways the Freezer Can Revolutionize Your Meal Prep

Getting started with meal prep can create more questions than it answers. What should I cook? How long can I keep food before it goes bad? Should I store my food in the refrigerator or the freezer? If you’ve only been storing your meal preps in the fridge, read on to find out how switching it up to the freezer can be a game-changer.

1. Food keeps longer

This might seem like a no-brainer, but food in the freezer will keep longer than food in your refrigerator. Instead of smelling slightly questionable chicken from your fridge, you can remove your meal from the freezer knowing it’s been preserved from the day you first cooked it.

2. Less time cooking

Because you don’t have to worry about when food goes bad, you can also cook more of it at once. Why spend 2 to 3 hours per week prepping in the kitchen when you can spend 4 or 5 hours and cook for the entire month?

3. More variety

Since food in the fridge tends to get funky quickly, you can only make 1 or 2 meals at a time to make sure you can eat it all before it goes bad. If you’re storing food in the freezer, however, you can make a variety of different meals at once and change up what you’re eating more often.

How to get started with freezer prep

Clean out your freezer. Toss those popsicles that have been sitting in your freezer for eight months (or better yet, eat them!).

Prep foods that will freeze and reheat well. Cook meals that utilize hearty ingredients like beans, pasta, and proteins and avoid ingredients with high water content like lettuce or cucumber. They’ll get mushy when you try to reheat them.

Freeze foods in individual containers. Dividing meals into individual portions before freezing will give you greater flexibility in when you eat the meals and help with portion control.

Still not sure where to start? Download a free Prep Package from Salt & Prepper. They send you a PDF with 5 recipes (that each divide into 4 portions) specifically designed to freeze and reheat well along with an organized grocery list of all the ingredients you’ll need to prep the meals. They also include a set of master instructions to walk you through how to cook all 5 recipes in ONE prep session. In just 3-4 hours you can have 20 individual meals in your fridge and freezer to eat all month long.

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