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  • Five recipes that have been specifically developed to freeze and reheat well

  • A master grocery list with the ingredients you need to make all five recipes

  • Instructions on what order/how to cook all five recipes at once in the most efficient way possible

  • General meal prep tips and tricks

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Roasted Asparagus, Mushroom, & Sun-Dried Tomato Risotto

Cheesy Eggs and Potato Bacon Hash

Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Pork & Mushrooms

Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf with Loaded Mashed Cauliflower

Baked Salmon Cakes with Roasted Broccoli & Potatoes

Why Salt & Prepper?

Save time by meal prepping ONCE a month instead of weekly

Meals are nutritionally balanced and loggable in MyFitnessPal and LoseIt

All meat recipes include a vegetarian alternative suggestion

Variety: Never get tired of eating the same thing over and over

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I pay $9.99 for 5 recipes every month?

For just $0.50 per meal, Salt & Prepper provides you with quality recipes that are specifically designed to freeze and reheat well (so you don't have to spend hours looking for recipes and crossing your fingers hoping they'll turn out well). We also organize all the ingredients for the five recipes into a shopping list and help you through cooking all the recipes in one prep session.

Why monthly meal prep?

Why spend time prepping every weekend when you can get it all done in one day? Salt & Prepper prep packages ensure you aren’t eating the same meal 5 nights in a row (or boring baked chicken with broccoli and rice, ever).

Do you have keto/low carb/other special diet meal plans?

We currently include a suggestion for a vegetarian alternative for every recipe with meat; however, we do not have specialized keto recipes or other dietary restrictions. We definitely want to provide them as we grow, though, so keep checking in!

Why is Salt & Prepper better than ordering Blue Apron or another meal kit delivery service?

Salt & PrepperMeal Kit Delivery
Average costLess than $3.99 per serving$9.99 per serving
Times cooking dinner per month120
Average time spent cooking per month4 hours10 hours
Ingredient freedomYou choose the ingredientsIngredients chosen for you

What about breakfasts and lunches?

Dinner is just the beginning—we eventually want to expand to provide breakfast and lunch preps, too. For now, there’s nothing stopping you from eating any of the “dinners” as lunches!

What if I don’t have 4+ hours during the weekend to cook 5 recipes?

Feel free to spread the meal prep out over more than one day if you need to. You can even cook one recipe per night, eat one portion, and then freeze the rest. One week of cooking for three weeks of reheating!

What if I cook for more than one person?

You can scale the ingredients of any of the recipes in this prep package. Just keep in mind you might need to increase the cooking times a little (and, of course, obtain more/bigger food containers).


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